EBT sorbet / summer baby


got no place to go,

so what’s up baby

catch the 81 to Ave 52 


we can go out…

for EBT sorbet 

& sangria 

before the party 


dead-weight blondes parked all night 

on east-side porches getting talked at 


about that new school

electronic interdependence 

& the dangerous luxury 

of a point of view 




so I’m just gonna hang here till I 

find a ride okay? (or tune out & feel 




like a dagger in the frozen sea 


of back porch small-talk bullshit,

some MFA’s ultra-curated free jazz setlist

winding in circles forever around

some New York girl kissing on my baby’s ear

while he pulls out my zig-zags & rolls her a joint


oh well, just another

bummer summer


banquet of high-pitched gibberish 

& fancy ladies waiting for the waltz

while the dead-weight blonde parked all night

whittles a wooden bird on the porch


blood moon’s more alive than me

come pick me up, set me free

you can take me out like moses 


if you give me something to believe

just give me something to believe 

th_Eroses is a contemporary art website dedicated to film photography, cinema, poetry, internet performance, behavioral choreography, and art critical theory.