i. trapped in this dianthus flamingo cadillac of



is a fluming tangerine ohm

with the tangy zip of cadmium

hovering in a deep peach field

with alizarin edges that vibrate like a cha-cha

expansive, rising- as a Chinese sun over pink- 

& blanketing (as wildflowers over a coal mine)

an infinite depth of receding cobalt blue 


 & Love

is a shocking pink dusted with chalky rose

& (almost invisible) edges of gold. 

soft and touchable, among hot dry and infinite fields

of barren red-orange that flame and shimmer coyly 

pressing against dry-brushed edges

of dusty ochre and lemony green 

& tropical- melony strips that samba,

nestle in shangri-la bands

and lure with their depths


ii. blue oyster (open butterfly)


I picked up a shell at Surfrider-


a blue oyster butterfly lined in nacre, with deep ridged edges and a milky core.

rough-hewn & thick-skinned with a crusty rim.

a little bowl, simple and empty- she catches the world in her cupped wings.

her beauty is her complexity; her feminity a soulful rough brown-pinkness


iii. neverland rainbow city


open the oyster; i see a place beyond everything 

some(when) when some(where) we’re Together:

standing opposite. silhouetted to the void & radiant as the aurora.

i see you with such clarity. grinning- palms open, wind in your eyes. 

you have Become so fully, with complex and specific edges 

& prismlike, you cast unique & singular colors of light 

curving light, space, form with your will

creating your world so easily, then you turn away, look at something, 




i drag my toes in saltwater,

slip away on some thought again- - 

th_Eroses is a contemporary art website dedicated to film photography, cinema, poetry, internet performance, behavioral choreography, and art critical theory.