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soft tangerine expanse touched with clouds of pastel maize & peach
bookended by lackadaisical lavender afterthoughts
whose impish delicacy and ease of application
belies their important as demarcations
of alpha and omega, conception & completion.

this expanse- completeness unto itself- yet enveloped,
in a border of raw, gentle taupe
whose humility is also its charisma,
affording it equal import as the vast color field,
whose quiet zing beckons for consciousness.


under hot fluorescents, ochre quivers
with its own internal electricity
hovering, without melting,
over an expanse of deep tangerine.
like a gazelle, hot lemon
sizzles in a line over a violet mass

whose amorphous fluidity bulges

in whorls sinking and rising

as a storm contained
by the terra electra, the desert sand
upon which hot color pools-
wild yet constrained

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