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our story

th_Eroses began as the site for a work of internet theatre; artists would log in to the shared wix site and write or edit the site 'as' the avatar of El Toro, a bullfighter who leaves the ring to become a flowering tree (a metaphor for the poet's role in society). The online garden blossomed rapidly, and soon became anarchical. The decision was made to close the gate, and operate the site as a more traditionally-curated aesthetic publication. However, true to our origins, we are still open to submissions 24 / 7 / 365, and accept all different forms of poetry- visual art, online performance, short film, sound gardens, or experimental choreography.



Katharine is an artist and writer. Katharine began publishing th_Eroses as a website in 2016. Katharine has degrees in art and architecture from Columbia University and the University of Texas.

Keira Mayo

Keira is a feminist playwright, scholar, and activist from Toronto. Since moving to New York in 2017 to pursue a graduate degree in Performance Studies, Keira has studied with influential performers and writers including Karen Finely and Barbara Browning. She holds an MA in Gender Studies (McMaster 2017) and a BA in Gender Studies, Philosophy and English (University of Toronto 2016). Interested in arts-based methodologies, specifically improvised performance and games, Keira’s writing explores its own performativity: what can words do to our imaginative potential? Her writings, performance, and art-making have displayed across Ontario and New York including the University of Toronto, Queens University, York University, and the Kimmel Galleries. She is committed to experimental form, decolonial praxis, and collaborative art-making. Beyond this, she enjoys reading Op-Eds, sketching, and going slowly.

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