soft telegram 


towers of sleep like tall smoke

fold, breathe in procession.

in paradisum on cheap speakers.


little sleeps with creepy hands, nubby 

like some highly engineered silicon

sponge-thing off QVC or something


touch things.

it’s shameless

and unnerves me.


stare down the nose of an F-15 tomcat. .

no eyes.

painted teeth and bleachy-smelling clouds. 


it’s very important to know 

whose hand you will hold

in the House of All Possible Snakes::

what snake is pure of anathema?

white-snake has no teeth 

only stomach



through the iris, shifting light 

reveals 7 towers.


Ultraviolet Tower 00

Pure Tower 11

Beautiful Tower 22

Strong Tower 33

Radiant Tower 44

Wise Tower 55

Complete Tower 66


bleating into the wind,

you have a lamb’s face, 

and the motion of the herd 

is changing your blood .


Dandelion Tower #11

plucked bald 

Tower of Talc #22

pliable as mist


a baby can drown in 1 inch of water in a five gallon bucket

my heart is wet & my brain is young



lonely 22 you walk 

like a palpitating heart

possible towers loom & fade


DELTA 5 is expansive and pure.

you pass through alone.


Fa       ta Mo rga    na 

ata le        Ma  ta Orga   n 

Ata    Mo           rg  ana fAta

ma      ta fat   e o      rg   na  rana

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