a sun day


bringing maverick steez 

to this verbal rodeo, you-




soft purple-eyed cowboy


tired on the train but gushing

waterfalls of language

that erupt from encounters

at the Hudson edge of the world


where the tides are black 

and the city’s a diamond,

no longer made of stone-

it’s crystal eyes’ed


like a sutra I haven’t 

read, gold and teal and red,

sunburnt & making moves

to no kind of Beat

with a Coney Island kind of Zen


you low-key looking foxlike & aglow

behind teal shades

while I’m running my mouth

about the futurereligiouspolicestateonMars


yeah like maybe I should

be more into ego individuation or whatever

but my heart’s gone in you:


a sweet mystical shrine where

everything shines from,

where everything spills from- 


jade vines 

and crackling lightning 

on this dust-dazed candy-colored

familiar kind of Sunday.

th_Eroses is a contemporary art website dedicated to film photography, cinema, poetry, internet performance, behavioral choreography, and art critical theory.