after work


the paths are full and hot.

the cult leader died but the people still move

like he did, with their hands 

in each other’s pockets.


they chant his words and say,

maybe we’ll unbreak the bones 

that were never unbroken

and turn gold into business suits

and back again.


tangible & purified,

here is the quick, fragile manifestation of the material rococo.

snapchat it.


it’s not important, but

I’ll show you my favorite places

so our spirits become a more complex matrix,

a more beautiful aggregation

to dissipate


                (soft smoke on the path) ; 


knowing that there were some symmetrical aspects of our mind

like two molecules of river

that have felt the same stone.


among the ineffable,


we were once


radiant soft kind pure wild 


in motion


here, lyrical and transient


& psychologically baroque ;

th_Eroses is a contemporary art website dedicated to film photography, cinema, poetry, internet performance, behavioral choreography, and art critical theory.