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all these stupid hats

I’m smashing this ideal way of being with my blunt hands, trying to reach for it. I feel helpless. I’m sorry I’m so crude. I work so hard. So fast. I’m not from here. My hands are swollen. I don’t know the rules of leisure. To be honest with you, it doesn’t even interest me. I only wanted to be here to be with you. Should I wear a pink hat? Why is this pink hat so wrong in your eyes, compared to all other pink hats which would have been ideal? Leisure is so complex. It requires self-assurance and finesse. There is no hollering, no grand shows of emotion. Outpourings of feeling are reproachful. They are < Chic. To mock the rules of the game will have you removed. You must wear the pink hat without so much as a wink of rebellious insouciance. I’m not winking! I’m just trying to be a good woman.