blacktar baby

blacktar baby 

fat cheeks & a fistful of lilies

black lips in white, big big white

marble eyes & petals weeping with sticky 



a milk-sea, stasis in motion

a nectarine mist seeping down 

his black cheeks languid

with fructose drool 


silk sails:: 

swoll with wind, 

streaming to the faint (!) 

of light:: the convergence

of perspectival information 


a naming tree:: 

rustling with vowels,

the etymology of a swan:: 


(Old English swan, 

akin to the German Schwan 

the Dutch zwaan

the Swedish svan 

the Indo-European swen: 

to sound or to sing, 

swanlings or as cygnets: 

the Greek κύκνος, kýknos 

the Latin cygnus, “swan”) 



bevy of whirling plumage

& the milk sea churns;

buttery whitecaps, a flume of swans 


blacktar baby 

fat cheeks & a fistful of lilies

wipes his sticky face in their cool white. 

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