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diary of the Morphos



pale lemon yellow

pressing insistently through layers of transluscent netting


gaunt orange halo


sulfurous mounds glowing,

a milky adagio



white pupil

luminous orb






lettuce edged whispers




blue-rimmed and vibrating


lunar maria beckon like google maps


fiery corona


cobalt halo 

between black amd white


(hallucinated angels

at the split second 

of a knife’s curve


mushrooming over the bay winds

pull slk taught around your legs;

bony femurs


the orphic glass is obsidian in motion.


s  l  o  w        a  r  i  a  s

pale wists of cirrus flee

at nauseating velocity


sheet of rippling sapphire

serene tonight


no gaunt loomers

no gathering haunts


just crushed sapphire;

dusty, fluid dunes.


see it fade. see it hang.


moonlight whistling

through my hollow bones


(eels of breath 

& i a flute).



lightbugs bustlling

the horizon bobs, flickers.


a gray town.

a blue boat.


redredredredred  black

dark gray fuzz.

cerulean swath. gray

whiteclear   wide black

greenstack    star rise

feel it. rippling orange on slate.

slow yellow double-eyes cutting

darkness. yellow double-eye. rippling lemon on blue slate. orange square divided.

pale haze pressing upward, disssipate. 

7 white flecks on cerulean. spacious clear.

vast, vast spacious clear.

invisible motion; felt. microbreaths 

from the north east. gaunt loomer. 

black-purple gathering. wooly. fear.

small row of pale blues; slow red double-eye.

fast red double-eye.

white flecks whirling. pleiades.

delicate apparitions.

strange blackness, dimensional and in motion.

toward you infinities.

wooly. fear. danger.

cirrus, mild and distant.

a welcome etherality.

black sapphire dust;

residue of jewels