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ethos toward a more sustainable living

i. bicycling & transit

Biking is a thrill and a half, it’s free (once you spend about $150-$200 on a good street bike (that’s like the cost of 1-2 parking tickets that you won’t be getting because you ride a bicycle)), you get to know your city, and it’s some good aerobic exercise. Leisure, transportation, and workout all at the same time. Just be sure that you: 


1. Practice good bicycle safety. Ride far enough away from parked cars that no-one opens their door in front of you as you’re biking.


2. Maintain your bike. I recommend NOT ever riding a bike that has brake cables, and that has as few removable parts as possible, because in DTLA people will disconnect your brake cables to fuck with you, or steal any bike parts that aren’t locked down. A street bike with pedal-back brakes and minimal parts is a pretty good option. If your bike has removable wheels, dismantle it and lock all the pieces together with a U-lock.

Also, learn your local transit system and use it. 


ii. sustainable clothing choices

clothing repair

A sewing kit is a good thing to have, you can find them them at basically every corner CVS, and it costs $3 to $7. If you’re sick of your t-shirt, you can sew it into a new thing. If your jeans are fraying, you can turn an old t-shirt into patches for them. Don’t throw stuff away because it’s getting old or shoddy. It’s usually possible to repair it or make it new. All you have to do to sew is stick a thread through a needle, and then weave it in and out of the fabric a few times until the two pieces stick together. 



Knitting is not going to save the environment, but I enjoy it. You can also support wool artisans and double-task while on the bus.

As a general rule, it's best to buy sturdily-made, quality clothing from fabrics like denim, wool, leather (not vegan unfortunately, but sustainable for its durability), or other quality materials, then maintain your clothing rather than getting new, cheaply made, disposable things all the time. Besides, it looks and feels better.

If you wear neon or plastic (acrylic, synthetic) clothing, you're going to look like you just waded through a chemical waste pit. Who knows what kind of chemical dyes are in there, and you're probably going to hate it next week. Pick something genuinely beautiful, and which has a beauty that will last.


iii. veganism

Factory farming is a sick, nauseating, sadistic industry that is exploitive and abusive to the Earth, to animals, and to the workers within the industry. It involves genetic mutilation, worker’s rights abuses, inhumane living conditions for animals, and eating meat not only supports this industry, but it takes a vastly more significant toll on the environment and on our natural resources than eating vegetarian / vegan. Veganism / vegetarianism doesn’t have to be a lifetime commitment; every day and every bit counts. 


how to cook lentils

Just put them in water and cook for 15-20 minutes. They are cheap af, and provide you with protein, fiber, B-vitamins, and a good meal base to add vegetables to. They also have a nice flavor that is easily accentuated with buillon or Italian seasoning. 


some good meals for being a healthy vegan / vegetarian on a budget


a good meal

Red lentils (has more iron than green and better texture), with vegetable buillon and kale or baby bok choi. Rinse about a cup of lentils, cook them for 17 minutes on medium heat with a teaspoon of vegetable buillon, add kale or baby bok choi about 5 minutes before the lentils are done. 


a good breakfast 

put English Breakfast tea and 1-minute oats with cinnamon, flaxseed, and chopped Fuji apples in a  coffee mug. Pour hot water. Now you have tea & breakfast at the same time. Oatmeal is gluten free, and even if you’re not celiac I like to eat gluten free because it feels better.


a good snack

Baby carrots with almond butter, flax seed, and cranberries.

Nuts have protein, fiber, and calories, which makes them a good snack for sustained energy, and they require minimal packaging. Clif bars are also a good snack which provide a similar nutrition profile but are also vitamin-enriched. Complex juices can also efficiently provide a refreshing array of fresh phytonutrients.


Best avocado sandwich.

9-grain bread, two slices. 1 avocado, mashed. Drizzle of honey and salt. Best enjoyed with a cup of Numi toasted rice green tea. 


Southern tempeh salad with honey mustard

Spring mix or kale. Few teaspoons of honey mustard or mustard dressing. Sliced tempeh. Some cheese if you are not full vegan. Enjoy with a couple of biscuits and possibly an IPA. 


roast a skwash

buy a squash. cut it in half, and knife it about 7 times to let some air into the middle. pour honey and cinnamon on it. stick it on a metal rack in your oven until it’s soft (about 1 hr). Best served with lentils or yogurt. This is a good recipe if you work from home and have time to cook a 1 hour squash starting in the afternoon so it’s done by the time you finish work.


extra health things

Blueberries, matcha, flaxseed, kale, and almonds are all very beneficial to your health, and to your physical, mental, and spiritual awakeness. For the health of your stomach, tea can be better than lots of coffee all the time. Red wine in moderation cleanses and awakens the body. Garlic and ginger’s astringent properties are also cleansing and awakening. So is tumeric but I don’t really like it. Cutting apples into squares makes them more appetizing. Blueberries and kombucha are so good for you and should be enjoyed anytime you have about $5-7 extra bucks to spend on produce. Spinach is a good source of calcium, but if you’re vegetarian or vegan you should probably take a multivitamin and (if you are a woman (women are more prone to osteoporosis)), a calcium supplement. Don’t smoke, because it’s disgusting, and it’s the worst thing you can do for your health and your complexion. There are bits of fiberglass in cigarettes that will rip your lungs to bits, and it’s basically rat poison. Not to mention it leeches your bones. Gross!


iv. giving

Next time you are considering buying something for yourself that you don’t really and completely need, consider just not, and then giving the money to an environmental charity, such as the Sierra Club or the Nature Conservancy. You might not be a professional environmental advocate, but there are people out there who do that. Your contributions help them do the more labor-intensive and profession-specific work of trying to slow the destruction of our planet.


v. remember to spend time with your Earth Mother

Visit Nature whenever possible to remember why you love and need her. The Earth is fearsome beautiful powerful kind fertile generous soothing uplifting awe-inspiring and cooling to the mind. 

A+HRRA award summer 2023

The Summer 2023 Arts + Human Rights Research Award will be open to submissions this summer (approx. 14:51 UTC June 21 2023 - 06:50 UTC September 23rd 2023). The topic of the Summer 2023 A+HRRA is AI, Computer Logic, and Human Rights. 


th_Eroses, an arts publication, is awarding $100 for a work of artistic / literary research that addresses or concerns human rights in conjunction with this season's topic, AI, Computer Logic, and Human Rights. The term 'research' here is intended to indicate the process of creation, exploration, and discovery, rather than the compiling of archival facts and/or materials, although the compiling of archival facts and/or materials may be a part of the process of exploration and discovery, or a part of the process of shaping the path or direction of discovery. This is intended to be an open-ended premise, to support the range of work that may occur in artists' and writers' unique processes. 


From the UN: 


"What Are Human Rights? Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. Human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, and many more. Everyone is entitled to these rights, without discrimination."


Successful submissions may, but are not required to, focus on investigative, process-based exploration and material discovery. Successful submissions may couple rigorous (or subjective) analysis with documentation of investigative, process-based exploration and discovery. Submissions do not need to be factual; forms of literary fiction, subjective expression, abstraction, choreography, and/or non-narrative presentations will be considered as well. Submissions in all languages and media are welcomed. 


The goal of this award is to amplify artistic voices that inquisitively and critically approach the pressing issues of our time, to create a habitat where a unique form of creative journalism can thrive, and to provide th_Eroses readers with artistic / literary insights into key issues.


Please note: If your work is submitted and selected for the award, you consent to the publication of your submitted work by th_Eroses now and in the future. Not all submissions will win the award; there may be one submission chosen, or multiple submissions, or none of the submissions. Selected submissions will receive an email of acceptance and next steps. 


Please submit work to with "Entry: Arts + Human Rights Research Award" in the subject line.

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