feeling painting


long wet undulating wild; (warmth 


                                            among cool air. 

                                            as a baby foal walks:

                                            new, and, unsure


                   t i p o f a l i p s p i t moist ly

a little pink s o f t n e s s


perfect unity:

2 without boundary, yet 

1 and 1, each

ideal as a vision


                                        effervescent wisps of feeling paint air     


enveloped, as in clouds,

or the mane of a lion,

in the shangri-la of our together-mind


( g o l d e n).


                                    more swaths of transparent, shimmering pink 

lost, in

                                    cirrus bands of silver and coral, blurred and misty


lean back and 


, heyy . . . 


we could

talk or (kiss) or (more)


I just don’t want to mess with your mind or,

give you the *wrong idea*…


                                    (a stroke unfurls, wetly, immediately, precociously)




                                    (lost in it)


now you’re playing hard to get- I knew I should have played my cards closer. 

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