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walk with me a while across the sand

i. shimmering ohm

I dreamed we were crossing a desert land,
1 by 1 in a horseback caravan.
the desert is a vast stage where no-one speaks.
A spotlight hits the desert sand and glitters.

I know your name and no other’s.

Salt-licks like ancient history dwindle,

Cumuloform masses rise like new omens.

Space-time bends in shimmering arcs.

           fertile with potentiality,
          this ever-changing aether;
           as the earliest dreams of a peafowl
           conjure an emerald-cloaked apparition
           goddeslike, from a seed of yolk

           diamondlike infinities exist,
           hissing through this desert mist-
           and from nothing, baroque stalagmites rise,
           into symphonic order.

           open your crystal eye, wanderers,
           bright-eyed & innocent—
           greet this mirage
           that becomes itself for you.

bass & treble tones ring out & organize:
their radiant structure vibrates in the dry air,
and, in a moment of clarity,
a Path is brought to order by its Ohm.

ii. walk it.
see the kind man with boyish eyes?
he’ll hold your hand.
see the brave man with fire in his spirit?
he is your guide.
see the artist with the wild hair & the lion’s heart?
he’ll size you up & say yep, she’s alright for the journey. good luck kid.
see the stone-carver with the sad eyes & the warm heart?
he’ll pinch you & say goodbye, as he turns again to his marble.
see the man in the ivory tower?
he’ll say good riddance,
as he places his crystal ego in a chest,
she was always asking for one thing or another.
see velvet orpheus, carnation in his boutinierre?
he’ll press his hand to your’s, say, be off now ok? I’ll catch you later.

The women wrap you in a lovely blue cloak and attach myriad baubles to your person.

Do not question their ways.

I wait in the wings.
I love you and I want to walk beside you.

iii. the universe saw you & it shimmered with delight.

your’s is the face I want to see in the future.
you’re the only one I’d trust to hold my reins.
you dreamed a role to play,
and the universe shimmered with delight.

in your eyes I see 10,000 planets,
with 10,000 flowers on every one.
I see the soul of every flower shimmer.
I see 10,000 skies,
with stars orbiting stars orbiting stars - -

I can’t keep up with anything that’s not tattooed on my body
& what if I move to the Arctic Circle tomorrow
but let’s tie our spirits together in a knot
& set them on Heaven’s highest shelf- -

iv. until then, let’s cruise

(to be continued)

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