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 Joey De Jesus and Sammy Roth 

th_Eroses sat down with Joey De Jesus and Sammy Roth to talk poetry and performance, and to escape the insufficiency of the everyday. Their collaborative practice and evolving performances- folding in with other artists as they go- was a warm reminder of New York City's vibrant socio-aesthetic ecosystems.

HERE you can find Keira Mayo's creative essay on their practice, which uses the Harpy Land performance as a touchstone. 

Joey co-edits poetry for Apogee Journal, and is a recipient of the 2017 NYFA / NYSCA fellowship in poetry- with the additional distinction of being a Gregory Millard fellow. Joey's work has appeared in a range of publications, including Brooklyn Magazine and Battering American Poetry. 

Sammy is a dance artist with unique performance and theory training. In the untitled collaborative piece they performed at The Poetry Project's Harpy Land, Sammy enraptures the audience with uncanny flexibility, unpredictable vibrations, and unprecedented connection with nearby bodies. 

De Jesus and Roth performed this areíto at The Poetry Project's Harpy Land. Their performance also included vocalist B Taylor. Video credit for the performance goes to Matt Roth.

You can find links to Joey De Jesus and Sammy Roths' websites here, as well as more information about the Poetry Project, and a link to a clip of the performance:

link to video from 'Harpy Land'



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