the morning


gentle tugs of boar’s bristle 

unravel permanent waves; 

steam flowers chalky 


tea herbs to flower again.

like Lazarus milk thistle kicks

in the belly of dirt (which is to say,


    spires tremble, 

    theorems dissemble,

    post and lintel sink)-


blue murmurs

and melting slivers 

rinse the cortex.


sun-white catheters

prick waxy eyes;

calcite brains get wet.


cupped palms 

like tulip lips 

unpurse to envelop


today (black caiman 

in the belly of the python,

his ventral scales succumbing to acid).


agape jaws

like gothic rib vaults

cannot close themselves to today if they beg the angels.


        “an endless fountain of immortal drink,

        pouring unto us from the heaven's brink.”

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