mountain {


    structure: ‘elastic, in conduits’,

    ornament: ‘baroque, efflorescent, old worldly’,

    life blood: ‘teeming, profuse wellsprings’,

    operatic pain: human.interior,

    exoskeletons in the belly: avian.interior,

    husk & defense: ‘rigid, permeable membranes’,

    joy: at odds with the vibe, but (ruthlessly, maniacally manifest in daisies),

    indigo: in (irises),

    nourishment: ‘scarce, dry, clean’,

    harmony of feeling: ‘dominant’,

    loving curiosity: between( mammals[]),

    sugar of light: ‘omnipresent’,

    ideological fascia: ‘laissez-faire, primacy of the status quo’,

    rare color: avian.exterior,

    administrative fascia: ‘all but absent’

    fascia of proximal DNA: ‘primal in heirarchical organization’,

    solar heat: ‘molten tides’


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