strangers in paradise


my heart’s a wild feather over Ave 26, 

grazing the pools of mnemosyne...

& where it alights-


the scene, tickled,

shimmers with images:


[Frankenthalers of fluid rose]

slow pools of longing

that expand and fossilize

at the zenith of their pinkness;


[hazy cave, air-conditioned]

just 1 American Boy 

& his 7th Circuit terra paloma;

loose-limbed and languid,

barefoot in a waft of smoke.


he flips the record,

psychedelic B sides;

she asks for a piano fantasie.

complex vegetables sizzle.


[cinematic silence]

let’s cruise, baby- 

you & i…


my heart’s full for you-

a warm leather 

sack of dove’s milk


; hold it,

   feel it - 

say nothing.


we’re just 

strangers, 2


                leaves in the wind


      than     paradise





(leaves with the wind)


[cinematic silence]

let’s cruise, baby

you & i …………………………….

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