do you think I’m a stress case?

just spit it to my face, babe-ehh

somehow along the way you knew 

maybe you got tough or got a clue

(yeah) shh

so yeah I shy from some things

and I acknowledge some things

I avoid the latex Buddhists

and the aestheticized vodka freaks


you can learn a lot about the world

and about yourself from men 

just got to take off your clothes

to reveal your soul again

(teach me, show me

sell me, know me

kiss me, throw me

love me, let go of me)


expression dies

outside of touch

the power of speech

is in retreat

what higher power 

do you answer to?

who’s above you,

who’s word do you heed

besides the man beside you

and the hands that feed

you see the machine, 

and it feels serene

because it’s on your side

and you’re safe inside


see the I-beams fall into place

at the crux of gravity and grace

New Yorkers acknowledge 

our own brokenness and failure

acknowledge the industrial process

that constitutes human existence and endeavor.

its all an ambivalent shade of silver today

the skeletons of buildings revealing their interiors

it’s all an amibivalent hade of silver today

kissing a morning away

th_Eroses is a contemporary art website dedicated to film photography, cinema, poetry, internet performance, behavioral choreography, and art critical theory.