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where she goes after all that


A beautiful woman unloved by her lover

washed her face in acid. 

Her beauty was not loved

so she could not love it,

and so it died.


Now she can find Beauty 

only outside of herself. 


She is the ghost of the Hudson River Valley,

with sagging lily eyes,

hooded and shy.


She lives on color, 

and rises at twilight

arching her back and reaching

for black coffee.


(locust, hickory, & hazlenuts arch

as the voices of a cathedral

rise; smoke to heaven.

whorling bark in baroque 

entwinements lace, soft 

sapphire and coral threads

drawn through blue).


She traces her finger across all of this 

and accepts it,


as The People drink wine,

kiss each other’s bodies,

and close their doors,

to fading music.


(angelsong in the leaves 

harmonize and tesselate.

gold dapples a sugar maple

and a paper birch shimmers.

small rainbows in her palm.)


She is the faceless dancer who lives for music. 

Her memories are gone and replaced with visions of the immediate,

articulated as grandly in a sun-glazed violet

as in the empty ballet studio where she goes to reach for Nothing 

and hear the viola’s song.


She has no light left within her

but she finds it here.

A+HRRA award summer 2023

The Summer 2023 Arts + Human Rights Research Award will be open to submissions this summer (approx. 14:51 UTC June 21 2023 - 06:50 UTC September 23rd 2023). The topic of the Summer 2023 A+HRRA is AI, Computer Logic, and Human Rights. 


th_Eroses, an arts publication, is awarding $100 for a work of artistic / literary research that addresses or concerns human rights in conjunction with this season's topic, AI, Computer Logic, and Human Rights. The term 'research' here is intended to indicate the process of creation, exploration, and discovery, rather than the compiling of archival facts and/or materials, although the compiling of archival facts and/or materials may be a part of the process of exploration and discovery, or a part of the process of shaping the path or direction of discovery. This is intended to be an open-ended premise, to support the range of work that may occur in artists' and writers' unique processes. 


From the UN: 


"What Are Human Rights? Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. Human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, and many more. Everyone is entitled to these rights, without discrimination."


Successful submissions may, but are not required to, focus on investigative, process-based exploration and material discovery. Successful submissions may couple rigorous (or subjective) analysis with documentation of investigative, process-based exploration and discovery. Submissions do not need to be factual; forms of literary fiction, subjective expression, abstraction, choreography, and/or non-narrative presentations will be considered as well. Submissions in all languages and media are welcomed. 


The goal of this award is to amplify artistic voices that inquisitively and critically approach the pressing issues of our time, to create a habitat where a unique form of creative journalism can thrive, and to provide th_Eroses readers with artistic / literary insights into key issues.


Please note: If your work is submitted and selected for the award, you consent to the publication of your submitted work by th_Eroses now and in the future. Not all submissions will win the award; there may be one submission chosen, or multiple submissions, or none of the submissions. Selected submissions will receive an email of acceptance and next steps. 


Please submit work to with "Entry: Arts + Human Rights Research Award" in the subject line.

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